Don’t Quit 2 Golden Tips That Can Put You Back on The Fitness Horse

I quit!! How many times have you said these two words phrase when you were attempting to lose weight? Don't worry; we have all been there before. You bust your ass in the gym, eat "healthy", yet you can't see any positive results. It's a natural , have you ever thought that you were trying too hard? Maybe you are.If you are new to weight training and fat loss then these two facts may have escaped your attention.First question I got to ask you is: do you work harder than you're supposed to? Forcing yourself to work out until you drain the last bit of energy in your body can easily result in overtraining, especially if the activity you're involved in is weight training. Overtraining is when the volume and intensity of your workout exceeds your capacity of want to avoid this state at all costs, because overtraining is the leading cause of catabolism. When your body is unable to recover the damage suffered using the available resources, it has no choice but to break cells from your own body (be it muscle tissue, or organs) to finish the recovery know that saying "Less is more"? It perfectly fits this situation. Your workout must be intense, but short, lasting no longer than one hour.Second thing is your diet. It's commonly known that you can lose weight by consuming fewer calories than what you burn, so your body will be forced to feed on the stored fat. Well, this is just one side of the story. In fact, you can still gain more weight if you do it wrong. See, over the thousands of years we have existed, our bodies have developed defensive mechanisms to guarantee our survival, one of these mechanisms is the "starvation mode".By depriving your body of its daily essential energy resources (either by following a harsh diet or just by waiting for too long between meals) you'll trigger this mode that gives your body a false alarm saying that we have a lack of nutrients. Therefore, your body will have to operate on minimum calories, and store as much fat as it can to protect itself against starvation.You can see that diets are a double edged sword, so you have to be careful. What you want your body to conclude is that food is abundant, and it doesn't have to spend any effort storing excess fat as you're feeding it on a regular basis. That is why I recommend eating enough calories a day, and spreading your daily meals over 5 to 6 servings minimum instead of 3 large meals.Start over with these 2 golden rules in mind, and see how good the outcome will be. You will be surprised how easy it is to get lean when you apply these two rules combined.